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Big Hero 6 Baymax USB LED Lamp is the Perfect Bedside Buddy

Without a doubt the most charming element of Disney’s recent comic book movie Big Hero 6 was the inflatable and cuddly robot companion called Baymax – and bearing in mind this is a popular character in a Disney film it comes as no surprise that the big round ‘bot has been mass-marketed on plush toys, t-shirts and lunchboxes. But our favourite by far is this wonderful Baymax USB LED Lamp from Infothink!

The USB powdered lamp can be connected to a computer or USB plug and is fully licensed by Disney. Arriving in the shape of Baymax himself (albeit deflated to a desktop friendly 100 x 100 x 110mm) and with poseable head and hands, the lamp has a soothing sleep mode which starts at 80% brightness and graduates down to 10% making him the ideal night light for kids (and bigger kids). There are also various manual brightness settings with flash and effects modes available too in case you want to study by bay-light or party with your pal instead of getting some shut-eye.

The Big Hero 6 Baymax USB LED Lamp from Infothink is available to pre-order through and has made its way onto a few other retail websites with a shipping date of mid-April. We’re grown adults but would easily spend a hard-earned $49.00 (around £33) to have this Baymax as our bedside buddy!