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Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC leaked – 4 maps, 1 Zombie map and 1 new weapon


Well happy new year Call of Duty fans; it’s looking like January might be an even harder slog for fans of the franchise as some new leaked images have revealed that the first DLC Map pack for the latest COD game will be hitting Xbox 360 consoles on January 29th.

A leak has sprung via MP1st who have revealed the “Revolution” DLC as being the first piece of downloadable content for COD:BO2. The new maps and content have been leaked via some promotional material that has hit the internet, showcasing the full extent of the massive Revolution DLC.

Black Ops fans will be getting a whopping four new multiplayer maps, one new zombie map and one new weapon in the DLC which makes for a massive addition to the gameplay of Black Ops 2.

The pack includes the following maps and weapon:

  • Multiplayer Map – Hydro
  • Multiplayer Map – Downhill
  • Multiplayer Map – Grind
  • Multiplayer Map – Mirage
  • Zombie Map – Die Rise
  • Exclusive Weapon – Peacekeeper SMG

The pack will (as per usual) land on Xbox 360 consoles first with a likely one month delay between then and the PS3 release (no news on Wii U). Xbox 360 owners will be looking to pay 1200 MS Points (which is standard pricing for a map pack) which comes in at just over £10.

If you have already purchased the Black Ops Season Pass then the Revolution map pack will automatically land on your console when its released.

The images above were tweeted by @RaptorClaw141 who spotted the poster in his local GameStop.

Activision and Treyarch have not confirmed any of the DLC details so there is a small chance that this information is a lie, but we seriously doubt it due to the  rather legit look of the poster.