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First BlackBerry 10 phone to be called the BlackBerry Z10

RIM will be launching its new range of BlackBerry 10 sporting smartphones on January 30th; this we know as fact, but until this date we can only speculate and wait for the inevitable leaked information regarding what this range of phones will actually entail.

Well, we already know that the two BlackBerry developer units have been doing the rounds for a few months, the Dev Alpha A and the Dev Alpha B. We’ve also seen leaks of the first all-touchscreen BlackBerry 10 phone, which is codenamed ‘London’.

Well today a leaked shot of what appears to be marketing material has hit the web which may shed the light on what the final product will look like and what it will be called. The image states that the L-Series smartphone will be called the BlackBerry Z10.

Whilst this doesn’t show us much, what it does do is reveal that RIM is doing its best to separate the new BB10 smartphones from its previous handsets which followed a numeric four digit system – I.e. Bold 8900 or Curve 9320. So the number 10 will probably signify the new software and the Z will be the range of handsets.

Rumours also indicate that the first QWERTY keyboard packing BlackBerry 10 phone will be named the X10 to start the range off and differentiate the handset ranges fully.

The image, which was leaked by UnwiredView, also shows that the Z10 will be released in both a black and white when the phone is released. RIM started off sticking to black for its handsets, but has more recently started mixing things up with white, purple, pink and other coloured phones.

The release of the BlackBerry 10 software and new phones is being seen a last ditch attempt to turn RIM and its BlackBerry brand around after what has been a bad few years, but with excitement building and support from UK networks, RIM seems to be setting itself up for a big comeback.