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Blackberry “Apollo” debuts in hands-on demo video

RIM’s latest offering in the Blackberry Curve range – currently dubbed “Apollo” – has been captured on camera in this hands-on video from Vietnam.

Website managed to get their mitts on the next Blackberry handset and gave the mobile a little twirl in the very official looking promo clip.

Showing off an ultra-thin sleek design, the Blackberry “Apollo” (name may or may not be attached to final release) features 5-megapixel rear-facing shooter, familiar QWERTY keyboard and 480×360 touchscreen displaying current Blackberry OS version 6. Similarities to future RIM release Blackberry Bold 9900 are evident.

Sadly the video is in Vietnamese so we have no idea what’s being said here but its a good watch and nicely put together video – and the closest we’ve got to seeing Apollo in action, with no official word or promotion yet from makers RIM.

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