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Blackberry Internet Service to be updated October 8th

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Blackberry users; get ready for an improved email service as of October 8th.

The makers of all things Blackberry, Research in Motion, have announced that the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) that all Blackberry smartphones rely on for email and internet access will be getting an update on October 8th. Rumours say that European Blackberry owners will get the update earlier on September 10th.

BIS 4.1 will be coming to all Blackberry smartphones and will improve the email service as well as add some nifty new features.

Inbox Priming is the star of the update. From now on, when you add your first email account to a Blackberry, it will automatically retrieve the last 20 emails from your inbox and add them to your handset. In the past you would only receive emails after the setup – any emails you had received before getting a Blackberry wouldn’t be retrieved. RIM say that this feature will give users assurance that they have set up their email inbox correctly on their phone, and that it is working right.

The maximum attachment size for an email to a Blackberry has been bumped up, meaning your BB will now receive and download email attachments of up to 8MB. Security features have been worked on and improved, which again will show why Blackberry is still king of the hill when it comes to mobile email.

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Source: N4BB