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Blackberry Messenger (BBM) pictured running on Android Smartphone

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Backing rumours that Research in Motion (RIM) would be bringing their popular Blackberry Messenger (BBM) as found on it’s range of Blackberry products from smartphones to any and all gadgets running Google’s Android software – today a tech website has outed some interesting snaps which seem to show a beta version of the text/chat app running on just that platform.

As you can see on the photo above, the familiar Android app interface is displayed but in the second row middle, there it is – the BBM app logo! It sits confidently beside a Blackberry developer icon and it’s apparently not a decoy, as this was leaked by a ‘close source’ within RIM (as always..)

In the second shot is what appears to be the BBM contact screen, which reads “BBM SDK Demo – Research in Motion Ltd.” This screen also gives away the details (and pin number) of whichever Blackberry staffer had the guts to take the pics and put their RIM job at stake!

If real, this snippet turns the tables on what we’d previously seen – those earlier leaked shots that showed Android may be the software to first make the leap of faith (and platform) to appear on Blackberry PlayBook. After many have claimed RIM’s first media-based tablet to be a fail, the Blackberry-makers have been open to discussion about considering bringing Android apps across effortlessly to boost interest in the Playbook.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the Android Market for any indication of Blackberry Messenger’s arrival!

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Source: TechRadar