Blackberry Playbook latest – starts at $500 for April 19th US release

Attention those awaiting the Blackberry Playbook – shaping up to be a leading alternative to iPad 2. The long wait is almost over!

There’s still a little bit longer to wait to grab the gadget, but you can however part with your dollars and guarantee yourself the anticipated slab when it ships – as of tonight if you are in the United States.

We’ve had a couple of updates to the scheduling and pricing today, and up until now still didn’t actually know when we’d see the RIM tablet. Firstly a report which told us of a $500 starting price, but no release date. Now we can bring you all the facts.

Stateside pre-orders for the Blackberry Playbook will be initially through retailer Best Buy starting tonight, with other stores expected to follow very soon.

The Blackberry Playbook will be the WiFi enabled tablet big brother to the long-established mobile version and will be available in three versions – 16GB for $500, 32GB for £600, 64GB for (you guessed it) $700 with the gadget shipping from 19th of April.

We’re still holding on for an official UK pre-order and release date following some rumours  recently surfacing, but we at the Gadget Helpline will bring you those details as they come..

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