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BlackBerry Z10 UK pricing and availability – All the tariffs and deals

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So it’s official – BlackBerry 10 has now launched and the first phone with it will come with will be available to buy in the UK from tomorrow. Say you’re a huge BlackBerry fan, or the new features and phone have swayed you, where can you get one?

So far O2, Vodafone, EE and Three have all confirmed they will be stocking the phone, as will Phones 4u and Carphone Warehouse. With EE offering the handset it will be the only way to make use of the Z10’s 4G connectivity, but you’ll be paying through the nose for it – currently no prices have been revealed, but you can register your interest here.

EE asks that you pay £50 outright for the phone and then £41 per month on a 2 year deal, with their network being ready to utilise the Z10’s inbuilt 4G connectivity right away. That tariff gets you unlimited calls and texts plus 1GB of data per month, and we’re expecting more tariffs with even more data to be revealed soon.

Vodafone will be offering the phone free if you’re willing to pay £47 per month, which gets you unlimited calls and texts along with 2GB of data. You can get the same tariff for £42 per month if you pay £29 up front for the phone, or £37 per month if you’re willing to pay £69 up front and drop to 1GB of data per month. All of Voda’s deals can be found here.

O2 will be giving the phone away free on contracts from £36 per month if you sign up before February 13th. This will be on their ‘On and On’ tariff, which gets you unlimited minutes and texts plus 1GB of data. They also have the phone on pay as you go for £479.99 – check out all of their deals here.

Orange asks that you pay £29.99 up front for the phone on all tariffs, going from £36 per month up to £66 per month, with their usual Dolphin, Panther and Canary plans to suit callers, texters and internet lovers. You can check out their deals right here.

Three is yet to reveal its offers for the new phone.

Carphone Warehouse will offer the phone on the major UK networks from £36 per month.

Phones 4u will stock the white version exclusively alongside the black variant, with no network or price details revealed just yet. The first 250 to take out a new BlackBerry Z10 on contract will also get a 64GB BlackBerry PlayBook tablet thrown in! They have the Z10 on EE, Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone and O2 with plenty of tariffs on offer here.

If you don’t fancy signing up to a 2 year contract then the phone will be available to buy SIM-free for $599, or around £480.

We’ll be snooping out the best deals as they appear, so stay tuned!