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Blockchain Gaming Has A Tasty New Member – à table!

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Blockchain gaming now has a quirky, new, culinary contemporary; à table!

Everdreamsoft are developing another blockchain based game to add to their collection.
A collection that already includes Spells of Genesis.

à table is a browser based game built on the Ethereum blockchain and will offer the chance to integrate your digital assets from their other games and digital art collections (crystalcraft for example). 

Being the french equivalent of “Come eat!” this game is sure to raise appetites. à table is set in a fun, whimsical world populated and explored by creatures known as Yummies.

Nobody knows currently what their pre-collected assets will do to the yummies but the excitement is building!

3 Phase Development Plan

Phase 1 “Yummy-mix” presale

The “Yummy-mix” presale will run from December 5th , 2018 to March 4 th , 2019 on the à table! website. The “Yummy-mix” is a pre-order blockchain system that will record each buyer’s wallet address, the race and number of the ordered Yummies and the redeemable date.

Every time any Yummy-mix is sold, the price of all subsequent ones will increase slightly.
Right after the end of the presale comes “Serving Day”, buyers will be able to discover their fully baked Yummies, i.e. receive their original ERC-721 tokens, according to their pre-order.
The exact appearance of any ordered Yummies will remain unrevealed until Serving Day!

Phase 2: Public marketplace and breeding system

Starting from ‘Serving Day’, March 5th ,2019, buyers will be able to discover their Yummies, and create – “bake” – new ones and trade them on a public Marketplace.
Any two existing Yummies can be “baked”, or bred together in order to create a brand new creature.

Even different races can be combined to conceive a surprisingly cute hybrid Yummy!

Phase 3: à table! game

The à table! game will be a browser-based exploration game. Its main characters, Yummies, will
explore a series of procedurally generated food-themed islands, passing through different biomes and facing various obstacles and enemies.

Each Yummy will have a set of specific abilities, resulting from its race and breeding, also, each player will need a team of different Yummies in order to progress through specific biomes and to fulfill unusual quests.

About BitCrystals

BitCrystals is a blockchain game and collectible publisher that offers game developers a suite of tools and services to help them make the most of the new marketing and revenue opportunities the blockchain brings.
Owned by Swiss-based parent company EverdreamSoft, BitCrystals builds a blockchain ecosystem for gamers, collectors and game creators. This ecosystem provides all its users with an ever-growing range of tools allowing the creation and management of digital assets, their integration in different products, creation of user-generated content and trade and exchange of digital assets.

à table! website:
BitCrystals website:
EverdreamSoft website:
Twitter: @a_table_game