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Boxee 1.5 on it’s way, will be final desktop version released

Boxee has just announced the latest and final version of the companies desktop application – V1.5.

Although its the final version, fans of the HTPC app will be pleased to know that version 1.5 now features a refreshed UI which will allow much quicker and easier access to the browser and menu.

Also, the “Movies” and “TV” sections have also been giving an update, again in order to improve usability by allowing for easier navigation when searching by genres and sources, in addition to more content details and finally an easier way to check for unwatched video episodes.

Version 1.5 will also include the Live TV feature, something that Boxee announced a short while back. Users of the Boxee Box will require a USB dongle in order to receive Live TV, however we should imagine that if you already have TV on your PC, Boxee should just integrate with your current setup.

Andrew Kippen explained in a blog post that the decision to retire the desktop app was due to the belief that watching web content on TV was more likely to be driven by dedicated hardware, like Blu-Ray players, Internet connected TVs and also the Boxee Box.

Currently version 1.5 is in closed testing, however the blog post says that the beta version will be released sometime in January, along with the new Live TV dongle for the Boxee Box.

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