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BT launches Home Hub 4 router with dual band technology

BT has snuck out a brand new Home Hub 4 router which packs in the latest wireless technologies to bring faster and more reliable speeds to mobile devices and laptops, and it’s available now.

The BT Home Hub 4 replaces the popular Home Hub 3 which has actually been around since the beginning of 2011, and brings in a number of changes that will help BT customers use new gadgets to their full potential when it comes to getting online.

The biggest change is the addition of dual-band Wi-Fi support, which means that the router can automatically switch between the two Wi-Fi broadcasting frequencies of 2.5GHz and 5GHz to best suit the devices being used with it. This means if you’re using a gadget that supports dual band Wi-Fi such as the iPhone 5 you’ll be able to take advantage of the speedier 5GHz frequency.

BT is pretty good at crafting stylish-looking routers, and the Hub 4 looks to be the best of the bunch. It measures a pretty small 116 x 236 x 31mm and has a glowing blue light beneath the BT logo on the front which can be dimmed by the user.

In an attempt to move forward with the times, BT has also ditched the old fashioned setup CD to make things a little easier, especially for those who use devices without a CD drive – netbooks, tablets and the like.

Other upgrades include a faster processor which should handle file transfers across the network much more quickly, a WPS button for instant connection with compatible devices, and a new smart diagnostic tool to better assist customers in troubleshooting connectivity problems.

You can buy the BT Home Hub 4 from BT online now for £109 or upgrade to it for a fee of £35, which seems entirely reasonable.