Caesars Palace bans gamblers from wearing Google Glass

Google’s futuristic smart eyewear ‘Glass’ may not yet be available for the general public, but if you were hoping to use a pair for some dastardly deed when they do finally come out, the world is on to you. World famous Caesars Palace has already confirmed it will not allow gamblers to wear the glasses inside its casinos, for obvious reasons.

We’re sure people out there had already thought of such a purpose for Glass, but unfortunately the world’s most famous casino has cottoned on early, and it’s likely that others will follow suit (pardon the pun).

In a statement issued to The Verge, the Las Vegas casino explained;

Nevada gaming regulations (and those in other states, as well) prohibit the use of computers or recording devices when gambling. As a result, we cannot allow guests who are gambling to wear Google Glass.”

The reasoning behind the ban is clear – Glass has cameras, an internet connection, the ability to video call and many more features that would make it a cheater’s dream. There’s also no real indication as to when somebody is recording a video using Glass, unless you look very closely at the display in front of the user’s right eye.

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Using hidden cameras and microphones to count cards, scam games and win big has been done many times before, and the consequences are lengthy prison sentences and hefty fines.

So if you’re thinking of picking up Glass when it does eventually drop, be sure to leave them on your bedside table in the hotel before heading out for a flutter at the tables.