Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation Zombie mode gets famous faces

Activision has released full information regarding the brand new “Call Of The Dead” Zombie mode on its forthcoming Call Of Duty: Black Ops DLC Escalation map Pack.

Black Ops creators Treyarch released a video showcasing the new Multiplayer maps last week but has been pretty tight lipped on the Escalation Zombie mode but has always stated that the incorporated Zombie mode will be a “new zombie experience”.

And that it is, as the new Zombie level will allow users to plays one of the following big-name undead killers:

  • Sarah Michelle Gellar – Miss Buffy the Vampire slayer in person, ready to slap some Zombie skulls!
  • Robert Englund – The Face behind Freddy Krueger and many B-list horror films
  • Michael Rooker – The new bad man in FX’s Walking Dead series
  • Danny Trejo –  Yep that’s Machete himself ready to take some zombies down… the Mexican way

So instead of playing the usual anonymous faces (excluding the Kennedy and Co) you will be able to play as some of your favourite Horror cohorts and kick some Zombie Ass!

The game will be “Set in a mysterious, ice-covered, remote Siberian island and inspired by legendary writer and director George A. Romero, a group of four fearless explorers fight for their lives amidst an army of bloodthirsty Soviet zombies”

So not only will you be getting 4 new Multiplayer maps you will also be able to step into the shoes of Buffy and friends to take down the Zombie horde. Check out the Video:

The Escalation multiplayer map pack includes 4 new multiplayer maps which feature Hotel (on the roof of a Cuban luxury hotel and casino against the vivid backdrop of old Havana), Convoy (delivers intense, close-quarters combat at the scene of an ambushed US military convoy), Zoo (takes you on a wild ride in an abandoned Soviet Russian Zoo, with danger at every turn) and Stockpile (pits players in a remote Russian farm town housing secret WMD facilities).

Call of Duty: Black ops Escalation DLC will arrive for Xbox Live subscribers on May 3 for 1200mp’s and will be hitting PS3 users in the months following (provided they can get the PSN back up and running!).

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