Playstation Network Update – Sony now admit security threat!

Many gamers will be aware that the Playstation Network (PSN) has been crippled for almost a week (if you’re not aware – where have you been? You can catch up with our previous article here). Sony has now confessed there has been a serious security threat to user’s vital information on the Playstation gaming community.

The problem was initially claimed as being due to “maintenance”, which we had our suspicions about, as many gamers speculated that it could have been a smokescreen for something worse – especially with the PSN being no stranger to hacking rumours.

A FAQ posted by Playstation USA suggests users should change passwords as soon as the PSN service resumes and protect vital information including name, address, DOB, IDs and Passwords – even bank account details. With concerns already from Sony who are suggesting members of the Playstation online community cancel credit cards immediately.

“The fraudsters won’t wait around – for them this is a treasure trove ripe for exploiting. You need to act now to minimise the chances that your identity and bank account become casualties following this hack” – Sony hasten to add. No haste however to address the situation which has potentially left every user with an active account on data red alert for the last 5 days.

An official email is expected to be sent soon, but for the moment the Playstation blog FAQ states “We are taking the investigation seriously. We will keep the service down to allow us to conduct a thorough investigation and verify smooth operation of our network services but are working hard to resume the services as soon as we can be reasonably assured security concerns are addressed.”

We at the Gadget Helpline received a number of comments from frustrated Playstation gamers this weekend regarding the current state of the PSN and we intend to keep you up to date on the situation.

You can also check out that official Playstation FAQ in full right here.

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