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Capcom Announces Street Fighter X Tekken for Apple iPhone & iPad (iOS 5 & iOS 6)

Xbox 360, PS3 and recently Windows PC owners had a few months clashing in crossover conflict with Street Fighter X Tekken, which was a highlight of Capcom’s showcase at last week’s E3 Expo. Now, for the first time the anticipated title delivers a hard-hitting blow to Android device owners as it leaps straight onto Apple iOS gadgets.

Capcom has officially announced that the game, which pits characters from both popular fight franchises against one another in a battle of the ages, with faves such as Ryu and Chun-Li from the 25 year old Street Fighter series coming up against the likes of Jin and Yoshimitsu of Tekken fame. The Japanese co. promises a redesign of the controls featuring a user interface with the mobile platform for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad in mind, and the game will play on devices running iOS 5 and up, including the forthcoming release of iOS 6 (which was announced by Apple earlier this week)

Fans of both franchises will be impressed by the perfect collision of worlds and all those familiar button beating combos are faithfully restored, with new play mechanics and game modes also promised for Street Fighter X Tekken on Apple gadgets, including tag team play which also translates over from the big console versions.

Capcom is yet to announce a release date for Street Fighter X Tekken but Gadget Helpline are big fight fans and will update this information when possible to let our readers know when they can get it!

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