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Capcom Announces First Street Fighter X Tekken DLC for Xbox 360

Capcom will be dishing out a fistful of downloadables for its new combat crossover title Street Fighter X Tekken over the coming year, and it all kicks off on Xbox 360 from April 3rd in the company’s homeland Japan.

The game marks the first occasion in gaming history where the two classic fight franchises have overlapped, with veteran contenders Ryu, Ken and Chun Li facing off against the likes of Jin, Yoshimistu and Julia and is one of the highlights Capcom has on offer to celebrate the 25th Anniversary year of Street Fighter. The first DLC bundle will be free and contain new character colour sets as well as auto-combos which make the action even faster.

New costumes will also become on the day, these available for individual characters and these will be priced at a reasonable 80 Microsoft Points per fighter or altogether for 1040 points to suit up all 19 Street Fighter or all 19 Tekken characters.

New character DLCs will become available in coming months these costing 1600 Microsoft points and we await news on a Western launch as well as Playstation 3, PS Vita and Windows PC versions.

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