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The best cases for your HTC One

The HTC One is definitely one of the best Android phones at the moment, but it doesn’t have quite the same marketing muscle behind it as Samsung’s Galaxy S4. In order to give the HTC One a little more of the spotlight and reward people who did choose it over the S4, let’s have a look at some of the best accessories available for it.

5. Mophie Juice Pack Case for HTC One – Silver

Our first accessory is the Mophie Juice Pack case, which adds an extra 2500 mAh of battery power to the One’s internal reserves of 2300 mAh – more than doubling your total battery life. Surprisingly, this case doesn’t add a massive amount of bulk, and looks fairly stylish for a battery case. It still allows for the camera and buttons to be used too, ensuring that you can keep it on your phone for extended periods. A nice choice if the One just isn’t lasting the day.

4. Genuine HTC Double Dip Hard Shell – Black / Grey / Black

Our first first-party HTC case on the list is this one, the Double Dip Hard Shell. As the name suggests, the case is made from a durable polycarbonate to add much-needed scratch and impact resistance to the One. As it’s made by HTC, it has a very similar design to the phone itself and it looks great. Again, it includes cutouts for all buttons, cameras and ports.

3. Rock Elegant Side Flip Case – Orange

Unlike most other cases on the market, this elegant HTC One flip cover from Rock doesn’t cover the entire back of the phone – it just clips to one side of the back, leaving the vast majority of the phone untouched. That translates into a rare slim fit, allowing you to add a cover to your phone without adding significant bulk. If you’re worried about scratching or shattering your screen, this is an ideal choice. Of course, the bold colours of the cover look great too.

2. Genuine HTC Double Dip Flip Case – Red

Our second genuine HTC case is a little different – it’s a landscape flip case that includes a built-in kickstand, formed by the folding case itself. That means it’s ideal for watching movies or playing games on the go, allowing you to get a comfortable angle without needing to bring a separate stand. With a slim construction and a nice red colour, this is another good choice that doesn’t take away from the One’s good looks.

1. Nillkin Super Frosted Case for HTC One + Screen Protector – Black

Our final accessory for the HTC One is this case and screen protector pack from Nillkin. The Super Frosted Case is slim and trim, adding protection and grip to the HTC One with a finely grained texture. The fit on this case is top notch, too, with all the cutouts in the right place and a very suave look. The pack also includes a screen protector, ensuring total protection of your phone. In combination with this pack’s low price, it’s an easy recommendation at the top of our list.