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CES 2013: Microsoft and Samsung give a taste of the Xbox 720 with IllumiRoom demo

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Microsoft and Samsung have teamed up to demonstrate some very exciting and futuristic gaming technology during a keynote at this year’s CES event, with something called ‘IllumiRoom’.


With CES 2013 almost done and dusted, no doubt attentions are going to turn to other big tech shows lined up for the rest of the year, most notably MWC next month and E3 in June. Microsoft has been rumoured to reveal the Xbox 720 at E3 this year, so excitement is reaching fever pitch for a new console.

The demonstration shows off a new and immersive way of gaming that involves parts of the game you’re playing being projected onto the walls around you and your TV. This allows everything from flashing lights to weather aspects to an expanded view to be projected around your TV screen; making the game you’re playing much bigger.

Those of you who have been following developments with Microsoft’s next games console will recall seeing something familiar to this last year, when a leaked document showed the company’s plans to launch Kinect 2.0 and some really neat-sounding augmented reality gaming.

It’s not clear right now just how this tech will work, or why Samsung was involved in the presentation. What we know for now is that Kinect is likely to be involved (it’s front and centre in the video demo) and that some sort of projection is going to be used, which we suspect is where Samsung comes in.

With something like this the possibilities are endless and our mind is already racing through what Microsoft could come up with. One thing we really like the idea of is having a much wider field of vision available in first person games, making you feel much more immersed in the game.

Check out the video of the IllumiRoom in action below and let us know what you think. Excited for the next Xbox?

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