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How To: Charge a PS4 DualShock 4 Controller in Standby Mode

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Did you know it’s possible to charge an exhausted PS4 DualShock 4 controller through the USB ports when the console is in standby/rest mode? And following the recent 2.0 update you can restrict the amount of time you’d like it to charge for – prolonging the pad’s overall lifespan.

Here’s how:

Go onto the PS4 XMB (Cross Media Bar) and press up to access the system icons.

Scroll across to Settings and select with a press of the X button.

Go down the list to Power Save Settings and select.

Choose the option Set Functions Available in Rest Mode.

Then go to the option Supply Power to USB Ports which may be set to off.

This can be set to – Always, 3 Hours or Off.

Always will provide a continuous charge to the USB connected controller for as long as the PS4 console is in rest mode.

3 Hours will charge for just that period of time (recommended charge time from empty – prevents overcharging the DualShock 4.)

Off means no connected device will receive a charge (important this is not checked if you intend to charge your pad!)

When you’re ready, put your console into standby/rest mode (indicated by orange light on the console) plug in your PS4 DualShock 4 and it’ll be fully charged and ready to game when you come back to it.

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  1. I have had problems with this as my light bar isn’t flashing or even on at all in rest mode to show the charger is charging and doesn’t charge while in rest mode. Is this bad? If so how do I fix this?

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