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Cheap Nintendo Wii: Price cut coming May 15th?

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Four years ago Nintendo changed the face of consoles with its Wii console. The unimaginable success of the machine has come at a cost to consumers, though: the console has never struggled in terms of sales, so has rarely needed a price cut. That could be about to change, as a rumour floating around the web suggests that the Wii will begin selling for considerably less as of May 15th.

The word is that the Wii will have its price slashed by $50, pricing it at $150 – which, if the same were to happen over here, would see the Wii sell for around £90. The Wii has been sat at £150 for a while, after a small dip in price from its £170 original RRP.

What with the (more powerful) Xbox 360 now selling for the same price and the Wii getting on in years, a price cut makes good sense. This is especially so if Nintendo is about to deliver on its promise of a Wii 2. At £90, the company would almost certainly see a good last-chance surge in sales.

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