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Christmas Gadget Gift Guide: Crossbow Snow Launcher & Triple Snowball Blaster

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The Gadget Helpline is here to help you with the annual nightmare that comes when trying to find that ideal present for someone special this Christmas! We’ve taken a sneak peak into Santa’s workshop to deliver you with our top tips for great gadget gifts and terrific tech toys in time to bring a smile to someone’s face on the big day!

We’d be dreaming of a White Christmas if we knew for sure that this week’s Christmas Gadget Gift Guide goodies were waiting under the tree on Christmas morning. Introducing first – the Crossbow Snow Launcher!

Despite not requiring a power source, the patented Crossbow Snow Launcher is undeniably a fantastic and powerful gadget none-the-less. Simply load a suitable amount of snow into the provided snowball press and you can mould your perfect ammo – three at a time. Once you have perfectly formed and tightly packed frozen bombs, they get placed it into the Launcher. Pull back and fire at the provided vinyl target – or throw away that toy and reign down a blizzard of pain on the nearest foe!

Designed with all the ergonomics calculated to guarantee ease-of-use and maximum tension as well as featuring a power-wrist support handle the lethal Launcher can power a snowball over up to 60 feet (16 meters) picking off n00bs while they’re left balling up yellow snow in their mittens!

If you want something a bit more fast-paced, you could of course try the Triple Snowball Blaster! This one delivers three shots up to 80 feet, with a slingshot mechanism unloading your balls in rapid-fire succession. Blast your victim with a face full of the white stuff with no comeback!

Both the Crossbow Snow Launcher and Triple Snowball Blaster are available from the States from The Sharper Image for $39.99 and $29.99 respectively and the Triple Snowball Blaster is also available in the UK through FireBox costing £23.99 with free delivery!

In last week’s Christmas Gadget Gift Guide we featured the appBlaster – an ingenious combination of Apple iPhone, Augmented Reality software and physically active toy!

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