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Chrome gaining on Internet Explorer in popularity poll – Music stars help the push Google browser

Web-company Statcounter has released its findings on the most popular internet browsing software for UK surfers and has found that Google Chrome is now second and closing the one time much larger gap between itself and ever-dominant number one, Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Chrome has been an evolving net browser in recent years, integrating many key features of the Google range of services into the software itself, including most recently Google+ social elements- This keeping the software up-to-date and contemporary. We recently covered how a fifth of all web browsing is now done with Chrome.

All this while, despite updates, IE has remained stagnant and beneath it all the fundamentals haven’t changed much at all – this coming from a recent IE9 to Google Chrome convert.

There had been reported growth slow-down for Chrome throughout the last month and July saw “slight decline” in market shares, claimed the source Net Applications.

Bearing in mind that Internet Explorer comes onboard most Windows PC’s as standard this would explain the public spread (or force feeding) of the Microsoft browser with much of the UK public stuck its ways and the afraid to try something different (much like I was!)

This seemingly hasn’t affected the public popularity of the Google browser, this following a break into TV advertising including a promo push fronted by Lady Gaga.

The pop/rock group OK Go have also backed Chrome in a recent promotional gimmick. With Google Chrome and through the band’s official website you can add your own message and via the wonders of HTML 5 your words will become a dance routine, with the band spelling out your words with their bodies in an interactive music video. Check it out for yourself at OK Go’s site –

These instances of media star backing has no doubt had an effect on the “cooler” alternative of Google Chrome, getting it out there and making it known through the medium of popular culture.

Google are developing a version of Chrome for Apple’s OS X Lion, so expect popularity to spread to Mac users very soon. Check out the Gadget Helpline’s article – here!

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