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COD: Black Ops Annihilation DLC to land June 28th?

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Call of Duty: Black Ops is looking set to receive its third and final Map Pack DLC this month, in the form of the Call of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation DLC pack which will contain 4 brand new multiplayer maps and another new zombie survival campaign.

The news comes from an unofficial source but still a very worthy one, as games website has received an image of the Point Of Sale advertising for the DLC, which is exactly the same format wise as the last COD: Black Ops  Escalation DLC.

As per usual the Map pack will be hitting the Xbox Live Marketplace first on June 28th as an exclusive and will probably be followed a month or so later by the Playstation 3 version.

Annihilation will feature 4 all-new multiplayer maps entitled Hangar, Hazard, Silo and Drive-In. Theres also a new zombie mode level, but there’s no further information on that as of yet.

Activision has stayed tight lipped on the DLC and has answered with a firm “No Comment” to any enquiries, so we can all expect an announcement in the coming week.

Following this it’s no more Black Ops content as Activision will start the slow build up to Modern Warfare 3 being released.. we can’t wait!

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