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Confirmed: Samsung to launch Galaxy S4 Mini alongside full-sized handset

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 won’t be alone when it launches this year, with confirmation that three devices are planned to launch in the same range. The S4 will be the flagship, with an S4 Mini also planned and a third unknown device completing the range.

We heard before that the Galaxy S4 was known as ‘Project J’ at Samsung in order to keep things on the down-low. Now SamMobile reports that Project J consists of not one but three Android smartphones.

Thanks to insider sources the site has uncovered information on a host of accessories that will be launched to compliment three Project J phones. The first is of course the flagship Galaxy S4, whilst the second will likely launch afterwards as the Galaxy S4 Mini, just as Samsung did this year with the S3 and S3 Mini. The S4 currently goes by the codename ‘Altius’, whilst the S4 Mini is known as ‘Serrano’ at Samsung.

According to the source, the third device in the Project J range hasn’t yet been decided on. SamMobile mentions a device known as ‘Project J Active’, which has accessories including an Arm Band and Bike Mount planned. With a codename of ‘Fortius’, could this be Samsung’s first Smart Watch?

Interestingly all accessories for the S4 will be repeated for the S4 Mini, except for a wireless charging stand, which will be a feature exclusive to the larger phone. Samsung promised wireless charging with the S3, which still hasn’t surfaced officially, so we’re hoping this time they’ll follow through.

Below are the accessories that are said to be planned by Samsung for each device:

Project J Altius (S4):

  • Clear Cover
  • Flip Cover
  • Protective Cover
  • Pouch
  • Extra Battery Kit
  • Battery 2600 mah
  • Wireless Charging Kit
  • HDTV Adapter
  • Headset

Project J Mini Serrano (S4 Mini):

  • Clear Cover
  • Flip Cover
  • Protective Cover

Project J Active Fortius (Smart Watch?):

  • Arm Band
  • Bike Mount
  • Pouch

Project J is starting to sound very exciting indeed, and we can’t wait to find out more about whatever Project J Active is. What do you think it could be?