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Console Or PC?

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If you are in the market for a new gaming system or want to enter the playing field for the first time, the real question is: console or pc?

Coming from a rich gaming background I understand there are benefits and negatives whichever you choose and have multiple friends who play both.

To maybe prove that I am up to the task and will squarely sit on the fence, I give you my first handheld:

And first PC:

Seen quite a few consoles come and go and my first proper ‘PC’ was an Intel Pentium 60. I now run an i5 6600k at home and struggle to find a game it cannot run reasonably well.

I bought the Xbox 360 shortly after it came out, mainly for Gears of war to be fair as my colleagues at work were talking about it all night, every night. In doing so I met my partner who at the time lived 4000 miles away. So, thank you Xbox for that.

Without further ado then,

Console or PC?



More cutting edge performance.

More options.


More free games.

Game costs.

Nobody owns pc gaming (Anyone can develop a game for PC).

Separate parts warranties.


Part costs.

If unfamiliar then: Issues can be complicated.

Game System requirements can be demanding on lower spec PC’s.



Family and friends can easily join in. (Portability)

User friendly.

Cheap, if you don’t add the cost of console games into the equation.

Manufacturer repair options: Sony charge £125 for repair or replacement regardless of issue. We could not find the info from Microsoft as this requires registering a console, but, costs in the US seem to be $115 regardless of issue.


Paying to be online on top of internet costs.

Network outages.

Game catalog decided by console manufacturer.

Whole system needs to be repaired if a fault develops.

Hopefully the above information will give you some pointers and maybe help the decision somewhat.

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