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Destiny Beta Now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 – but I’m more interested in Little Big Planet

Bungie has now announced that Destiny Beta is available to everyone with a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One… so go and play it and stop sitting here reading!

As you would expect you do need Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus to play online and if you have already played the Beta on PS4 you will be aware that it is a very pretty looking game. This will be the case on the Xbox One too even if the Beta is only running at 900p rather than the full 1080p that is expected once the full game is released.

Beta has been available to everyone since 11am GMT yesterday rather than just those that have pre-ordered the game, the highly anticipated RPG 1st person shooter Beta period ends on 28th July with the launch of the actual game taking place on the 9th September. This does not give you a lot of time to play the game so if you’re interested you best get that download running now.

With the Beta ending soon for Destiny it begs the question what are you going to do between 28th July and 9th September? Play LittleBigPlanet3 Beta which should become available some time in August! At this point I am assuming you are a fan member on the website LittleBigPlanet Central as it seems Beta is only going to be available to a select few, with codes being distributed via private messages on the community site.

Unlike the antisocial single player or online gaming we have become accustomed to LittleBigPlant3 has stayed true to its predecessors and has certain parts of the game where you will need a certain amount of players. Playing with real people and socialising, a crazy concept, which I’m sure will annoy many people but who cares… It’s LittleBigPlanet3 – a game that looks like it was made for 5 year olds but is great for literally everyone. Bring on August!