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D-Link Launches Cloud Routers With Remote Control Apps

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D-link, the company who manufacture networking and communications products have announced today a line of new routers that offer users advanced features including cloud storage.

There are two new routers being released, the first goes by the catchy name of Cloud Router 1200 ref: DIR-636L, this particular model supports speeds of up to 300 Mbps,  the other goes by the name of Cloud Router 2000 ref: DIR-826L and can support speeds of up to 600 Mbps.

Both these routers are provided with mydlink Cloud services, this will allow users to easily manage and configure routers anywhere in the world directly from their smartphone, using a free App. Also built-in to the routers is a USB port that allows users to directly connect either a USB drive or external hard drive. Once connected, users will then have the ability to access files using the free SharePoint mobile app. The app itself will allow users to easily share photos, music and videos directly to a range of devices that are connected to the router, again anywhere in the world.

The app itself will be available for iPhone, iPad and also Android users, and as well as being able to access your media, users will also be able to monitor and control their home network and even set up mobile e-mail alert notifications to warn users in the event that an intrusion attempt has been detected.

Ken Loyd, director of consumer products at D-link Systems explains:

“In the past, routers have often been a “set it and forget it” kind of device,” -“Today consumers want to access and share their content from multiple devices such as smartphones and tablets. And now more than ever, it is vital to know who is connecting to your wireless network and what they are viewing. D-Link’s newest Cloud Routers enable consumers to easily share media as well as monitor what’s going on with the home network.”

If you want to get your hands on either router, both are available to purchase now with the 636L costing $59.99 and the 826L $99.99.

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