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Doctor Who TARDIS PC – Runs Windows 7 and Officially Licensed by the BBC

Doctor Who nerds will be rejoicing at the news that the 11 surviving actors who have previously played the galaxy gallivanting Gallifreyan will be regenerating for a special 50th Anniversary episode of the popular BBC sci-fi show later this year. Another reason for fans to geek-out is the announcement of the Official TARDIS PC (Windows 7 based) which can now be bought exclusively through – and just like the real deal, this little replica has some impressive features on the inside!

This Doctor Who TARDIS computer as mentioned is officially licenced by the Beeb and its external detailing is quite remarkable. Before we even get into the specs of the functional PC it’s quite evident that this is a real collector’s piece. With 45 brushed aluminium parts assembled to replicate the realism of the Police Box, this time machine is built to scale and comes in authentic blue paint scheme – just as it appears on our TV screens.

As for the technical side, everything you would expect from your standard PC can be found at the back of the TARDIS with access to ports and plenty of slots for USB and the like. A charming little addition is that the disc tray of the Sony Blu-Ray writer actually comes out from the Police Box sign, a very nice touch.

The computer runs Windows 7 on a 3.1GHz Intel Pentium dual-core processor with a 500GB hard disk drive which runs things smoothly and quietly – sadly none of the whooshing and bleeping of the ‘real-life’ TARDIS. But we do imagine this level of authenticity would probably become slightly annoying while trying to watch and listen to the latest episode of Doctor Who on iPlayer!

The Doctor Who TARDIS PC is now available costing £935.99 at