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Dropbox Suspends Auto Uploading On iOS 8 App

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The creators of Dropbox have posted a warning to users of Apple iOS 8 about potential issues when uploading content to the cloud storage service from the app.

With this in mind, the feature has been suspended and a post on the Dropbox blog suggests that the camera auto uploading feature in the app has been found to be unreliable in iOS 8 for iPhone and iPad due to a newly discovered compatibility problem.

This issue affects syncing content on the free Dropbox app and also use of the companion app Carousel which is a gallery for Dropbox photos. Dropbox says that only items in the user’s ‘Recently Added’ album will sync. Photos and videos in other albums will remain on the Apple device’s own storage and will not be synced up to the Dropbox account.

The blog post advises users of the app on iOS 8 to ensure that their files are being stored safely while they address the issue. This means temporarily dropping the auto upload feature to ‘avoid any confusion’ over what’s been backed up and the suspension will come down as part of an update which should be rolling out about now, just as iOS 8 becomes the new standard on Apple devices.

Apple’s latest mobile system iOS 8 was detailed in June at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference as a precursor the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch which were unveiled the recent Apple Live event. iOS 8 is due to make its first appearance publically on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch later today with plenty of nice features to distract from the Dropbox difficulties.