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Dyson Unveils New Robot Hoover

The latest thing from Dyson has surfaced today. With development expenses costing around 47 million dollars just to bring the device out, you know it’s going to be good. The product, a smart robotic hoover known as the Dyson 360 Eye, is a bold step into the electronic cleaning pal scene. Similar items include Roomba and that ominous pool robot from Paranormal Activity.

Anyway, the 360 Eye has some new cutting edge features, one of which is a smartphone app, which is nice. The app’s main function is to organise a schedule for the robot to clean your house to, including what paths to take as it rumbles around on its adorable blue rubber caterpillar treads.

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The 360 Eye is designed to trundle around on its daily march against dust and dirt, then return to a docking station. Apparently the device is supposed to be able to run continuously for around 20 minutes before needing a refuel. This might sound like a short amount of time, but the 360 Eye’s power usage is necessary for the amount of tech it has on board.

For example, the 360 Eye’s namesake 360 degree camera ‘eye’ is made up of a whole cluster of infrared sensors plus a panoramic lens. Using these sensory devices the 360 Eye apparently is able to see and cope with obstacles along the way, such as table legs, or the family dog. The sensors also allow it to actively plan and update a route back to the dock, which it allegedly always knows the way back to, like a homing pigeon.

Okay this thing is far too cute.

As for cleaning apparatus, the 360 Eye sports patented Dyson Cylone technology, which enables it to suck up specs of dirt as small as 0.5 microns. Small. Additionally the 360 Eye comes with a nylon brush around the base of the machine, which when combined with the intense suction power should do away with most dirt and dust.

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Dyson’s leading man Sir James Dyson has hailed the 360 eye as “a genuine labor saving device” ahead of it’s projected Japanese launch in Spring 2015, just in time for Spring cleaning. Everyone else will see it a little later on in 2015. The Dyson 360 Eye will most likely cost more than similar devices, as Dyson as always, is a premium brand. No pricing info is yet available.

Via: The Guardian

Source: Dyson 360 Eye Official