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E2Vids: HTC ChaCha Android Smartphone review

If your friends are your life then the HTC ChaCha mobile phone is for you. With built in Facebook widgets and apps your loved ones are never more than a tap of the touchscreen or click of the QWERTY keyboard away.

There’s even a context-sensitive Facebook button that sits towards the bottom of the keyboard and lights up for when you need to ‘Facebook’ something straight away. This is always handy when uploading pictures or videos from the built in 5-megapixel camera.

You don’t have to just use Facebook though, the ChaCha can quickly surf through other websites with the built in Wi-Fi or HSDPA, which look great on the 2.6-inch touchscreen. If you need to be entertained then the latest Android operating system (Gingerbread) offers you a world of features, widgets and fantastic apps.

Whether you’re checking in, chilling out or catching up the ChaCha brings the complete Facebook experience straight to your pocket.

HTC ChaCha‘s key features include:

  • Slide and swipe through status updates or friends photo galleries with the 2.6 inch touchscreen
  • Handle your messages, status updates and comments with ease with the QWERTY keyboard
  • Access a world of brilliant features, apps and more with the built in Android operating system
  • Build up your Facebook photo galleries with the built in 5.0 megapixel camera
  • Utilise everything from Facebook widgets to the Facebook button on the ChaCha to have the biggest social network right at your fingertips
  • Don’t wait around to load up pictures or look through profiles, with Wi-Fi you can get super fast internet speeds

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