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E3 2011: Star Trek for Playstation Move – Phasers set to thrill!

As an un-ashamed “Trekkie” a real treat to emerge from the E3 conference in Los Angeles was the reveal of the Star Trek title for Playstation Move – complete with phaser accessory!

Star Trek game with phaser? Highly Logical!

Blasting its way onto the Playstation motion control system in 2012 we can look forward to action-packed scenes recreating the same fast paced feel and modernised approach of the rebooted Star Trek franchise.

With the reveal trailer featuring the young Kirk and Spock, battling in and around the iconic USS Enterprise – even controlling a shuttle. The trailer doesn’t however feature the phaser actually being used for gameplay, but from what we’ve seen of the play itself it’s exciting enough. With the phaser in play? It’s a Star Trek game – but not as we know it!

Activate viewscreen and check out the preview for yourself –

Not only does the game itself signify that the production of a sequel to the 2009 reimagining of Gene Roddenberry’s Universe is well underway – but the Star Trek game for Playstation Move, Sony’s motion sensor gaming system, will act as a bridge between the J.J.Abrams reboot and the 2012 movie release and will be faithfully adapted with help from the director’s Bad Robot production studio.

As a fan of tradition I’d much prefer to see the old Shat-kicker himself reprising the Kirk role, but it’s about time a Star Trek game came about that breaks away from the somewhat stuffy geek-fests of technical space battles and just gets down with the nitty-gritty of kicking some space-based ass.

Phasers set to thrill in 2012!

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