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E3 2012: Capcom’s Biggest Ever Showcase – Street Fighter X Tekken, Resident Evil 6 & DmC Devil May Cry Demoed

The Electronic Entertainment Expo runs between the 5th and 7th of June and the Gadget Helpline will be following all the major hardware and software announcements from big industry names such as Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony – as well as offering a Daily Recap on many areas of this year’s show!

Capcom is visiting the E3 expo in Los Angeles this week with its biggest ever showcase of new titles which includes some sequels and a reboot, some crossover action and a celebration of the Japanese publisher’s most popular franchise which turns 25 this year!

We’re of course talking about Street Fighter which gets a year-long celebration which becomes a highlight of the 3 days event in Los Angeles. Visitors to the E3 will get to check out a dedicated Street Fighter arena which will allow fans of the fight franchise to take a deep look into the history of the series and get to grips with some classic gameplay as well as the brand new Street Fighter X Tekken game which will soon arrive on Sony PS Vita which is also a focal point and is on demo at the event.

In addition to the gaming the dedicated Street Fighter section includes a one-of-a-kind sports car created in partnership between Capcom with Scion, Five Axis and Sony of America. The car includes Sony’s video entertainment hardware and premiere exterior components from leading automotive companies.  With a white and black bold paint job we imagine that the karate gi of hero Ryu and fighting performance was a large part of this motor’s inspiration.

As for the new kid on the street, Street Fighter X Tekken will be available for PS Vita owners to enjoy this autumn and it will allow owners of the handheld to challenge not only fellow portable players, but also those fighting it out on Playstation 3 in a unique cross platform feature through Wi-Fi or 3G. And, of course, this one will finally unite all those Capcom fighters we’ve been longing to see go at it, all in the same tournament – all at the same time!

Reanimation and bio-logical weapons are resurrected one more when Resident Evil also returns this year on October 2nd on Xbox 360 and PS3. The sixth true addition to the frightening franchise is being demoed at the E3 with three playable missions on offer in both single and co-op multiplayer modes. Visitors at the Capcom booth can choose to play as Leon S Kennedy, Helen Harper or Chris Renfield each with his or her own challenges and in the full game these individual stories will become intertwined and become one larger plot ending in one climactic conclusion featuring the familiar “dramatic horror experience”. We’re expecting action, explosions and gore – but on a much more epic and expanded scale.

Lost Planet 3 will give visitor a first chance to play the latest in the series of isolation sci-fi story based third-person shooter and features lead character E.D.N III rig worker Jim Peyton under attack from a whole bunch of Akrids – insect like aliens which have plagued humans and their colonies throughout the previous two titles. The Lost Planet 3 demo at E3 will let gamers try the game in both inside rig and outside of the rig combat sequences. This game in still in earlier development and Capcom promises more surprises ahead of the game’s release in early 2013 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC.

Last, but not least, DmC will revitalise and reimagines the now 12-year-old Devil May Cry series for Xbox 360 and PS3 on January 15th 2013, with a version for Windows PC to follow soon after. Original and redesigned lead character Dante returns in DmC along with a devil / angel fighting mode toggle and all the familiar combat and swordplay through-out the demon infested Limbo City. Capcom promises – for the first time ever – playable bosses and a storyline which will be affected by player’s choice of actions, meaning the timeline of events can be altered and responsive to consequences!

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