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E3 2013: Killer Instinct IS Back! Xbox One Exclusive Announced!

We should have put money on this one!  After recently teasing the return of a ‘historic’ property from British developer Rare, Microsoft has delivered a “K.O” at the E3 and unleashed the trailer for a remake of the classic combat game Killer Instinct which will arrive later in 2013 as an exclusive for Xbox One.

Killer Instinct was originally released in 1995 only on Nintendo’s SNES home console as an over-the-top response to the fight genre spawned by the Street Fighter franchise, and the trailer aired during the Microsoft keynote at this year’s E3 expo reveals that 18 years later classic characters such as Jago, Glacius, Sabrewulf are ready take on challengers on the next generation Xbox One. The graphics have had a seriously long overdue update but retain their cartoonish charm and the moves are still as fast and furious as in the original – if not faster and more furious!

The cry of “ULTRA COMBO!!” will be a welcome punch in the face to nostalgics who grew up with the original which is still heralded as one of the greatest Nintendo titles of all time. Also, listen closely to the promo clip and fans of a certain age will undoubtedly notice the cutting edge soundtrack has also been resurrected, which at the time was so revolutionary that it came on it’s very own bonus CD – we have to wonder if Microsoft will pay homage and do the same for the release of this brand new vision of the legendary fight game.

If Microsoft was looking to get a one-up (to steal a Ninty reference) they’ve done it with Killer Instinct, a game which joins an superb selection of early Xbox One titles including Metal Gear Solid V and Ryse: Son of Rome – all announced on day one of the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Here’s the proof that the Xbox One is more than just about the entertainment – this console has got game!

Video source: Eurogamer.