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E3 2014: 10 of the best Trailers and Gameplay footage so far

E3 2014 is currently taking place in Los Angeles and games are being announced and showcased en-masse. So we picked a few of our favourite trailers and gameplay videos of some of the biggest incoming games.

Destiny – Sony Conference

The destiny footage (not quite a trailer) added some backstory and setup for what is looking like a new Epic world from Bungie, the makers of the original Halo games.

The 5 minute clip headed up Sony’s whole  conference and talks about the the world of Destiny and the issues you will face. Plus, it really showcases just how big the game is set to be.

Sony then followed up the game announcement with news on an Exclusive Glacier White PS4 that will be released with Destiny.

Dead Island 2 – Sony Conference

Dead Island 2 made a surprise trailer announcement, and brought the Humour to the very serious Blockbuster games we were seeing. It sees a vain Jogger run through a beach setting oblivious to the Zombie attack that is happening behind it. It’s fun, gory and looks set to continue on with the tongue in cheek attitude of its predecessor.

Revealed during Sony’s E3 2015 press conference tonight, Dead Island 2 is set for release in spring 2014 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain – Sony Conference

Any MGS footage is welcomed with open arms at these types of events, and the cinematic trailer for Konami’s Metal Gear Solid V : The Phantom Pain is a pretty epic one. We won’t do too much explaining it as its more drama than action, but it shows just how big and epic the MGS story and world has got.

Assassins Creed Unity – Ubisoft Conference

Ubisoft have a history of making gorgeous Assassins Creed games, and it looks like Unity won’t be changing that. The Gameplay demo is focused on the new French Revolution setting and showcases the co-operative multiplayer aspect of the Single player game, where you and three friends can team up on assassin missions.

New features such as the massive Denser and interactive crowds, Weapons and game mechanics are all on show including a grisly death at the end.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection – Microsoft Conference

If there is one thing to excite Xbox fans, it’s the epic Halo them overtones and a sight of Master Chief itself, but one thing that will really get the flocks behind your console is full HD remakes of your biggest games.

Halos: Master chief collection will see all 4 of the previous (canon) Halos games, re-mastered but still running off their existing games engines for the Xbox One.

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare  – Microsoft Conference

If there is one thing Activision do well, that’s make some good old crowd pleasing trailers. The 9 minute in game footage for Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare shows some footage from the single-player campaign and features an attack on the South Korean city of Seoul. You get too see some of the future tech involved in the story, the high end graphics, plus the action shows off swarms of flying, beetle-like drones,  spider tanks, laser weapons and  even some mech suits which looks to take the FPS battle to both Halo and newcomer Titanfall.

Sunset Overdrive  – Microsoft Conference

Sunset overdrive is pretty much the exact opposite to the seriousness of both Halo and Call of Duty franchises with its vibrant and cartoon graphics, its bloodshed and its Meta feel with the Character breaking the 4th wall and chatting with the audience. The trailer even makes fun out of COD with its opening Warehouse based shootout.

Sunset Overdrive is the new game from the creators of Ratchet & Clank went all out to mock pretty much all military based shooters with its colourful visuals, irreverent humour, and third person shooter action. It looks like Jet Set radio + Time Splitters + Borderlands and we cannot wait to see more.

Bloodborne – Sony Conference

For a Creepy, Horror filled 3 minutes; the Bloodborne trailer delivers quite a bit… What’s more, we know very little about the game, so unlike a lot of the other titles displayed at E3, Bloodborne is a completely new experience.

Zombies, Undead Dogs, Mysterious settings, Blood, more blood and just a little bit of violence… well we are sold.

Ori and the Blind Forest – Microsoft Conference

Its easy to think that every generation of console will make games look more real, but when a trailer for the beautiful looking Ori and the Blind Forest was shown by Microsoft, its just goes to show what can be done with a next gen device.

The Gorgeous platformer looks like something out of a (very well made) Pixar film and looks to offer some deep action with some deep feels.

Tom Clancy’s The Division – Ubisoft Conference

Ubisoft’s other big title was The Division, which sits in the Tom Clancy franchise of games and the new title looks like a mix of Watchdogs meets Call Of Duty. The video shows a brief co-op demo with a team of four meeting up within the game world’s post-apocalyptic looking landscape. You get to see some of the excellent graphics and get a feel for what the Division will be offering gamers.

Notable others:

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty

This one is in here just because we are super excited about the remake of what is one of this writers favourite ever games. The trailer sees some amped up graphics for the Hero Abe’s adventure. The game will be released across Sony’s platforms (the Ps4, PS3 and PS Vita) with a Cross-Buy on Sony platforms, which means you only need to buy it once to play on all three as well as releases on Wii U, PC, Mac and Linux.

And finally, Well, Batman: Arkham Knight was just an incredible showing at the first day of E3, so much so we did a full article on it here, so check that out too see our thoughts on the epic PS4 and Xbox One game.