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E3 2016: Elder Scrolls Comes in Threes

As with most years at E3, Bethesda brought plenty of Elder Scrolls based news with them. Unfortunately it wasn’t Elder Scrolls: 6, but there was a little information on everything else Scrolls related.

The first Elder Scrolls related bit presented at the Bethesda conference involved Elder Scrolls Legends, a collectable card game in a similar format to Hearthstone. The game trailer was presented in an animated comic style, and voiced by a moth priest (you’ll remember these guys from Skyrim).

Some of the cards shown for Elder Scrolls Legends

The game is confirmed as free to play and confirmed to be coming to us across a plethora of formats, mostly mobile and computer related. A cynical person would view this as Bethesda’s attempt to climb aboard the CCG bandwagon, but we’ll have to wait for the game to leave beta to find out if this is the case or if the game can stand on its own merits.

The next Elder scrolls related info dump came in the form of confirmation of the already leaked Skyrim remaster. Coming to consoles by the end of the year, the game is being packaged as the Skyrim Special Edition. It doesn’t seem to add anything but it certainly looks gorgeous. The game is also bringing mod support for consoles as well, something Fallout 4 has been enjoying a boon with lately.

The last (but certainly not least) piece of Elder Scrolls related goodness was about Elder Scrolls Online. Bethesda were very proud to announce the game had surpassed the 7 million player milestone, an impressive feat however you want to slice it. They followed this up with two other interesting pieces of information regarding the future of Elder Scrolls Online.

The first being the inevitable release of the Dark Brotherhood expansion to consoles, already available on PC and Mac the Dark Brotherhood expansion was always going to make its way over to the PS4 and Xbox One, it actually hits today, so make sure to load up Elder Scrolls Online and pick that up.

The second and far larger piece of information pertaining to the Elder Scrolls Online involved something that is being called “One Tamriel”. One Tamriel is Bethesda’s attempt at dealing with the endless grind that seems to come with massively multiplayer online games.

The concept behind the idea is to remove level zoning, and similar things. This is a great idea for those getting into the game as it means they don’t have to spend countless hours brutally grinding to be able to join their friends in the end game zones where long time players tend to spend a lot of time. The announcement noted that One Tamriel will hit this fall.