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Home » Gaming » E3 2016: EA Announce the “EA Originals” Scheme

E3 2016: EA Announce the “EA Originals” Scheme

EA Original

EA Originals is the new system designed for partnering with small developers to create and help bring their work to the larger stage.  The EA Originals program is shown already by the success of EA’s last conference is the unique Unravel, Developed by Coldwood Interactive for the console Market, the success of this title is what brings the EA Originals program to life for more invested time and hopefully even better results, the studios will get help with most if not all aspects; Developing, Advertising and marketing with the rewards going directly to the developers’.  The games showcased as part of the Originals’ project are Fe and Atmospheric Adventure from the small Swedish developer Zoink.

First look at Fe at the Pre-E3 EA Originals announcement

With the support of EA promoting new and upcoming developers, we look forward to see more great independent content with the assistance of the EA Originals program, We already love with the stunning and unique visuals and game play shown in Fe and can’t wait to get a chance to experience it first hand.

Catch the Fe gameplay trailer on Electronic Arts’ Youtube here.

There is no confirmed release date of Fe and no platforms have yet to be confirmed.