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eBay Launches Same Day Delivery Service ‘eBay Now’ App

eBay has launched the eBay Now Apple iOS app for users in the US which will allow users in certain areas of the US to have the option of a same day delivery of their product for just an extra $5 on a purchases of over $25 from a local store.

eBay introduced the service today for US residents and currently it is only available for customers in the San Francisco Bay area whilst the company tests out the service amongst its local customers.

Invitations to the announcement were sent out today to customers in the San Francisco area to offer them beta test usage, where they will receive a $15 discount for their first purchase and free delivery for their first three orders.

eBay has partnered with a number of major retailers for the service, including Macy’s, Toys’R’Us, Target, Best Buy, and Bloomingdales, who will all dispatch and arrange a delivery the same day the product is ordered.

The service is open to SF residents Monday-Saturday 9am to 9pm and Sunday 9am-6pm, and deliveries can arrive in as little as an hour after buying, but a store must be open at least a half hour after an order is place.

Currently the service is only available in San Fran in the US and with us in the UK never really taking to same day delivery (or more likely being too laid back for it) it would seem that a service like eBay now is far off in the sunset.

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