EE Spread Their Wings and Launch 3 4G Hotspot Devices and a Tablet


EE yesterday launched 3 hotspot devices that can provide a wireless 4G connection in your car and charged through the cigarette lighter socket while on the go, these devices can support the connection of up to 10 devices as long as there is signal. In addition to this, EE have launched a tablet that is set to compete with the Apple iPad Mini.

This all sound pretty awesome and to make it even better EE have said that they are set to improve 4G coverage on roads and railways etc so that you can really use these devices to the max. High speed connectivity everywhere!

The new devices are call Buzzard, Ospray and Kite (presumably they’ll launch another few devices along the line called Albatross, Budgie and Pigeon), each devices is aimed at a different market to insure all potential users are catered for. The Buzzard focuses on families, the Ospray is aimed at younger potential customers and the Kite is for more intensive users and frequent travellers.

To add emphasise to the need for better connectivity to 4G and for more devices focused on travelling (especially with the family) Pipa Dunn from EE has said “We’re trying to open up the car as a place where you can experience connectivity, principally for parents with children who are currently squabbling over an iPad and watching a video on the back seat”.

The Buzzard is set to launch shortly, on the 28th of May and will be available from £10 per month with a £19 upfront payment. The Kite and Ospray will be available from £10 a month with 1GB of data. The Buzzard is shaped like a cup so that you can put it in your cup holder in the car – very well thought through EE and very functional. If contract isn’t really you cup of tea then you can buy the devices ranging from £49.99 and £69.99 in price and use then on pay as you go.

The tablet being launched alongside these devices by EE is called The Eagle and is manufactured by Huawei, this will run an Android operating system and EE have said it is not a budget product like other companies that have ventured into the tablet market (like Tesco or Argos) but instead is a rival to the iPad Mini. Aiming a bit high EE?

The Eagle has an 8 inch screen, a 5 megapixel camera and 16GB of storage. In fact, on a spec sheet the Eagle looks marginally better than an iPad Mini but let’s wait and see if that sings true. The real question is what is with all of the bird names?