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Electric Unicycle looks the business but fails to pick up pace

Yes, you read it correctly. This is an electric unicycle and it’s made by Oregon company, RYNO Motors. It looks like something Bruce Wayne might design for his alter ago to chase down some circus-based baddy in a Batman movie, which makes it cool. But it also sucks quite a bit too..

The unicycle is currently in the early stages of production and requires a Bruce Wayne sized budget as it’ll cost $25,000 in current form. Its maker RYNO hopes to fetch $4,200 per cycle once the single wheeler hits the street at its max speed of a face-wobbling 20MPH and this baby’ll give you 30 miles on a full charge. And we’re not entirely sure about the breaking on one wheel at such high speeds. The phrase ‘arse-over-tit’ comes to mind.

The design clearly gives the wrong impression about this cycle and we’d expect it to go a bit faster looking so slick and street-sporting – but alas no. RYNO aims to please the ‘urban commuter’ and the hope is that the electric unicycle will be released for public sale in early 2012.

Until then enjoy this footage of the production version RYNO model in action!

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