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Enjoy the Lag Free Wi-Fi Portal

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Being a gamer myself, I tend to get in from work most days and just throw myself into some PVP, or maybe put on a streaming service while eating dinner. Downside of this regular ritual is everybody else is doing the same thing, couple this info with the time of day which is usually around peak-time, and my bandwidth will go from life in the fast lane to queuing for car tax on the first of the month.

Not exactly ideal when your life depends upon your ping speed. So, when it comes to wifi in your home there are few options for upgrade unless you want to spend a lot of money and still not be guaranteed a stable connection speed.

Enter the Portal router

Designed specifically for crowded urban environments, Portal is a quad-stream WiFi router that aims to provide ultra-fast, reliable, top-grade WiFi without any buffering and salty tears.

Now for the special stuff:

Traditional routers limit you to two lanes of traffic and shared amongst multiple users. Portal aims to blow this away by multiplying this threefold, that’s right, your maths do not fail you; 6 lanes of traffic to enable free-flowing wireless internet. The device promises 300 times more speed than your existing WiFi offers, providing a much wider spectrum for clean, uncrowded 802.11ac channels. The Portal has 9 antennae and the company claim it is amazing at sending information clearly through thick walls, yup, no more dead spots!

This kind of efficiency is wasted though if all you want is less buffering. When it comes down to it, Portal is the ultimate gaming router, giving ultra-low latency (less lag). The Portal also learns how you use your internet; it will continually aim to make things better for you regardless of what task you are on at the time. It is constantly sensing net activity and local environment to avoid congestion and improve flow.

Currently on Kickstarter and it can be pre-ordered for $149 (£103). The Portal by Ignition Design Labs is due for release September this year and has already gone past its funding goal so look forward to being able to improve your WiFi tremendously soon!