Epic Battlefield 4 first demo shows off new Frostbite 3 game engine

There’s a new Battlefield game coming, and we’ve got the first in-game demo to show you what’s new. DICE’s new title will use a brand new engine called Frostbite 3, and it looks very impressive indeed.

The generous 17-minute demo shows only the single player action, giving a good showing of the latest graphics technology from game studio DICE. Baku, Azerbaijan is the setting for the entire demo – a level that will feature in the single player campaign mode.

If you’re wondering what’s so good about a new game engine then you have to check out the explosions in the demo video. Massive areas can be blown up with impressive detail and zero lag, making for some truly immersive and awesome gameplay.

In typical Battlefield fashion there’s a heady mix of on-foot exploring and flying about in various vehicles, the latter of which is our favourite thing about the Battlefield series. Jeeps, tanks and helicopters all look set to play a part in the new game.

DICE revealed the game this morning but hasn’t commented on availability for next-gen consoles, so for now it seems that Battlefield 4 will be available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC when it launches this autumn.

Bonus fact: Michael K Williams of The Wire fame has a character in the game based on him.

If you’ve got 17 minutes to spare then we highly recommend checking out the demo video below.



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