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EXCLUSIVE: Pictures of Sony Honami ‘C6906’ reveal Sony’s next Android flagship

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Whilst it may be currently in the process of launching yet another flagship Android phone in the form of the huge Xperia Z Ultra, Sony still has eyes on the future and something even better. We already know that a phone with a 20 megapixel camera is in the works, dubbed the ‘Honami’ or ‘Xperia i1’.

Although the public launch of the phone is likely to still be a way off, we’ve received some candid snaps showing what the Sony Honami will look like in the flesh. The tipster who submitted the images wishes to remain anonymous, but we’ve reason to believe that the phone pictured is a prototype of Sony’s next flagship phone.

From the images we can tell that Sony will continue to use the same design aspects as in its recent models. The phone looks to be very slim and sports the same squared edges and corners, plus pop-up flaps to cover all card ports and sockets – minus the headphone jack, which is exposed. Again Sony is effectively wedging the latest mobile technology between two sheets of glass, front and back.

A physical camera button joins Sony’s now familiar round silver power key on the right edge of the phone, which will complement the 20 megapixel camera on the back. There also looks to be a large speaker underneath a grille on the bottom edge of the phone, but other than these two changes the phone is very similar design-wise to the Xperia Z and Z Ultra.

For now these images are all we have to go on, but we’re hoping to find out more. Our tipster wasn’t able to confirm whether the rear camera is indeed a 20 megapixel sensor, noting that the camera software is far from final and the resolution settings were missing!