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Fable Developer Gives Clue to Existence of Next Microsoft Xbox (720)?

Lionhead Studios – the British games development co. behind the Fable games – has perhaps dropped a large hint to the existence of the next Microsoft console, a currently unannounced product which is popularly referred to as the Xbox 720.

Advertising a job position on Microsoft’s Talent Network, Lionhead requests a suitable candidate for a highly skilled and experienced “Lead Engine Programmer to be a key contributor on an unannounced title”. That’s enough to get curious gamers toying with their imaginations, but it’s what followed that’s really what the fuss is all about. The listing continues to say the right man, or indeed woman, for the job would be required in “designing and implementing modern rendering engines (DX11)”.

What’s interesting is that DX11 refers to the DirectX 11 application programming interface standard which was launched in 2009 – three years after Sony’s Playstation 3 was launched and four years after the Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Meaning this new staffer will not be working on either of the current leading home consoles – and this can only mean something new is actually in the pipeline and Lionhead is working on games for its arrival.

This follow’s comments from Lionhead big wig, Peter Molyneux who recently said his development firm was working on a “super-secret project”. Could it be the same project that Microsoft insistently is in denial of?

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