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Facebook now has more than 250 million active gamers

At yesterdays Gaming Developers Conference, Facebook took to the stage and announced that around 200 games on the social network boast more than 1 million active gaming users. What this equates to is more than $2 billion being paid out to game developers throughout 2012.

This, compared to 2011’s figures, sees a massive 30% rise in gaming activity on the social network. With games such as Candy Crush Saga, Angry Birds Friends and Marvel Alliance all racking up massive playing figures it’s easy to see why Facebook are slapping themselves on the back.

Facebook continues to see a rise in social network games, with the amount of people logging on to play rising from 205 million in 2011 to 235 million in 2012 and now with the company breaking the 250 million mark things are still looking on the up.

What is also easy to see is the crossover of mobile-based gaming and Facebook gaming, as many games are sharing connectivity with Facebook which means a greater span of connectivity for both the games and the users. Take Candy Crush Saga – the game can be installed and logged in with your Facebook account where the user can share his or her progress and gifts/add-ons with friends and they can play the game on a dedicated phone app or on Facebook itself.

The total number of players on Facebook has increased by 24 percent in the past year and a total of 20% of all daily users use the gaming features.

Facebook originally proved to be a new way of gaming back in 2010 with games like Farmville and Bejewelled but after a short period and some serious overuse gaming slowed down, but with more developers offering a better quality of games things now look to be on the up again.