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Facebook to Add ‘Want’ Button?

The 'Want' button?

For many people, one of the first things they do in the morning is check their Facebook. For others it may be when they get home of an evening – it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, if you have a Facebook account you will more than likely check it at least once a day or more.

What many people may not know is that Facebook is in a pitched battle with Google for advertising revenue. Google has Google AdWords, arguably the most used ad scheme in the world, whereas Facebook uses the ‘Like’ button to gather information about all the products you have liked to show you adverts for products you might buy.

However, this may all be about to change as Tom Waddington, from the cut out and keep craft tutorial site, discovered the ‘want’ button in Facebook’s JavaScript SDK. Waddington claims to have implemented the want button onto his own website but when clicked, this just gets an error message.

If this is true and Facebook are implementing a ‘want’ button at some point in the future, it will allow companies to not only target people who like their products but also specifically target people who are particularly willing to part with some hard earned cash to get their hands on a product.

In a world where Facebook already has access to all the personal information that we post on our Facebook pages including all the photos we post on Facebook and Instagram, Facebook will now know the things you like as well as all things you want if the want button is implemented, the only sacred piece of information left is what songs we sing in the shower, but no doubt there is a Facebook app on the way for that also.

Facebook hasn’t yet commented on this report but we imagine they will at some point.

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