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Facebook hires iOS & PS3 hacker “GeoHot”?

A hacker who infamously cracked Apple’s iPhone and Sony’s Playstation 3 appears to have gone and gotten himself an honest job – with the social network giant Facebook.

Reports suggest 21 year-old George Hotz – otherwise known as the online aliases “GeoHot” and “Million75” – has been snapped up by Facebook after turning down a string of offers after he created an unlocking hack for the original iPhone back in 2008, posting details through a blog.

In 2009 he created and distributed the jailbreak program “blackra1n” and was back in business in 2010 creating similar hacks for Apple’s iOS platform before moving onto Sony’s PS3.

Jailbreaking and running custom apps on the PS3, GeoHot boastfully posted videos on YouTube including singing about the “disaster” of Sony. The company took Hotz to court and he was sued, only elevating his hacking alter-ego into a much desired entity. Better to have him onboard than against, many companies must have thought.

If reports are to be believed GeoHot – now referred to professionally as a “security expert” – is now part of Zuckerberg’s social network, and still denies all involvement in April’s Playstation Network hack.

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