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Facebook Messenger app finally arrives on Windows Phone

It’s felt like an eternity since Facebook launched a dedicated Messenger app for iOS and Android, especially for Windows Phone users who have been without until now. Facebook Messenger is finally available on Microsoft’s platform as a free download.

As with the versions available on Android and iOS, the app offers Facebook Chat and messaging in a standalone piece of software. There are some differences, however, such as the omission of Chat Heads. On Android and iOS, you can open and then leave a chat and have a little circular icon for each chat on your phone’s homescreen – these are Chat Heads. Instead, on Windows Phone you have to go back into the app and open individual chats to continue where you left off.

Another feature left out is voice messaging, although Facebook has offered no explanation as to why this has been left out, nor has it alluded to these features being added in the future. All the other features users can expect from Facebook Messenger are there however, including group chats, stickers, read receipts for messages and access to your entire Facebook messages history on the go.

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Video chats are also supported, giving Windows Phone users an alternative to the default Skype or other apps whilst on the move.

As Facebook Messenger arrives on Windows Phone, Microsoft has wound down its desktop version for Windows this week after 2 years of service. The social network still hasn’t confirmed exactly why the app has been taken out of service, but we’re likely to see something newer taking its place as Windows 8.1 rolls around.

Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone can be grabbed from the Windows Phone Store as a free download as of now.