Facebook Messenger Reaches 1-Billion Downloads on Google Play

Facebook Messenger has reached a milestone 1-billion downloads from the Google Play Store.

This mega feat is one that only a handful of other Android apps have been able to accomplish including the main Facebook app which Messenger now joins in that exclusive 1,000,000,000 – 5,000,000,000 installs bracket.

One of the Messenger’s main draws, and a reason why it’s proved so popular since it arrived as a stand-alone app in August 2011, is that it doesn’t only allow users to connect with people on their Facebook friends list. When installed for free on a mobile smartphone it can be also used to communicate with any of your contacts who might have the app installed making it the one-stop message app for many Android and iOS owners, as well as users of other platforms.

Despite requiring a registered Facebook account to use it it’s not necessary to have the main Facebook app installed, but Messenger does compliment the social networking experience which now depends on the separate app for private communication between its 1.44 billion monthly active users (600 million of those reportedly using Messenger) .

Since a recent update Messenger now boasts Skype-rivalling video calls and in-app apps can be downloaded (app-ception much?). Animated stickers can be shared between friends and users can enjoy one-to-one live gaming, the first title available to play being Doodle Draw – a simile of the faddish Draw Something app from a couple years back.

Facebook Messenger also added a handy location sharing feature just last week which allows friends to tell one another where they are and arrange meet-ups “IRL” by putting directions and a handy map into the conversation. Here’s proof that Facebook is committed to the evolution of the app and its continued success.

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Messenger for Android is available from the Google Play Store, but if you’re more inclined to iOS you’ll also find it in the App Store. Messenger is also available for most other mobile platforms from the respective app vendors.