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Firefox 6 out already.

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Another month, another version of Firefox. Yes it seems the guys over at Mozilla have decided its time to update the increasingly popular browser, ahead of schedule. The launch was due in around 3 days time, but why wait if it’s ready.

There are no visible changes to the newer version of the browser, aside from the domain name being highlighted in the address bar, you have to wonder whether these minor updates warrant a new version name but that’s down to Mozilla to decide.

The main changes in Firefox 6 are under the hood, the changes should result in the browser loading faster, supporting WebSockets, improved HTML5 handling and a plugin-checker which will verify the compatibility of installed add-ons.

The first beta version was released a month ago. Firefox version 8, which will soon enter the alpha stage “Aurora” phase of development, Mozilla is looking at blocking the ability to install add-ons automatically and silently, basically what this will do is stop programmes from automatically adding toolbars to the browser, and will mean any add-ons like this will have to be added to the browser manually instead of this happening automatically.